Running FEWZ at TIFR

I - Running on T3 cluster.

You can use your T3 account at and maintain your own code.

Following steps can be followed.

  • Setup fewz

#bring latest code in your area

#decompress the code
tar -xvzf FEWZ_3.1.b2.tar.gz

#Go to inside directory and make/compile
cd FEWZ_3.1.b2
make fewzz

# after succussfull compilation, you can modify your parameter files
# You can use following command to run and test your code locally before submitting it to batch system.

#change to bin directory
cd FEWZ_3.1.b2/bin

  • testing code locally

./ z My_Run_T2 input_z.txt histograms.txt output.txt .. 20

  • Running the code using condor batch system of T3

Runnig with Condor batch system at T3

# you can wrap up the above command in simple condor batch job as described here.

Running batch job

II. Running on T2 batch system

#Please send an email to for a special username and password to run batch job.

#log in with the credentials provided.

# There is a pre compiled fewz code are which can be used readily.

Or you can create a new area in your home directory and setup the fewz code as described above in step I.1

## after setup and testing locally.

following sample files can be used to submit job using PBS.

cd <fewz-directory>

./ z My_Run_T2 input_z.txt histograms.txt output.txt .. 20

To submit jobs.


status of the job can be checkd as

#qstat <jobid>

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